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Education and Library are twin sisters and one cannot live apart from the other. A Library is the chief instrument in storing and disseminating man’s intellectual heritage. The library is the heart of the School. It has an excellent collection on varied subjects to cater to the needs of both teachers and students. The Library is spacious and well-furnished with adequate lighting and ventilation. Reading habit is inculcated in students by exposing them to various areas of knowledge through regular library periods. The school library certainly elevates the standard and quality of education.

Rules of the Library

  1. The students must maintain silence in the library.
  2. Every student will hold one card which is not transferable. A book is issued for one week but, the student should return the book within a week, otherwise a fine is levied.
  3. Duplicate card will be issued only on payment of Rs. 5/-
  4. Every child should return the card before the term ends.
  5. A book can be re- issued only twice.
  6. Every class has a day on which the books will be issued. It is compulsory for every student to read books from library.
  7. The loss or damage to the book will be realized along with a special fine


Children learn in an active atmosphere. The success of Montessori Education lies in the Tools and Techniques. The Montessori laboratory houses superior quality, colourful learning materials to arouse the child’s curiosity and to develop the creative urges needed for hands-on-learning and self discovery.

A child chooses what helps him to construct himself. Important social quality derived by the child is that he must respect the work of others.

Computer lab

Computer Technology aids at speedy work. It improves teaching and student achievement.

Computers have taken effect in all walks of life. Computerization has contributed to Globalization. Computer aided design, computer games, computer generated-images etc.,have become the talk of the day.

Working with Computers, particularly using the internet – widens students’ knowledge. To make tomorrow’s work force competitive in an increasingly high-tech world, learning Computer skills is a priority.

The spacious, well-lit Computer laboratory allows every individual student to have hands-on experience, which increases the confidence level. The students become aware of the fundamentals of computer operations. They are allowed to explore the multimedia software and learn programming languages.


To and fro transport facility id provided on payment from stipulated stopping point of different localities as mentioned in the list. The prescribed routes cannot be altered or extended due to operational constraints.

At the end of each academic year, in the month of December, the parents have to apply to avail transport facility for the next year. This is also applicable for students who are already availing school transport. Every year, new inclusions and withdrawals are inevitable. The statistical details are a must for planning of school transport. Inclusion for school transport in the middle or at a later date is not possible as the buses in all the routes ply to the full capacity. In case of any inclusions at a later date, it will be on payment of an entry fee. Those students who seek new admission can given their willingness for the school transport at the time of registration itself and remit the transport fee at the time of admission.

The parents should specifically mention the stopping point number. Change of stopping points is permitted, on written request and payment of fees thereon. During functions and important festival days school Transport students will commute by school bus and the change of time for both boarding and alighting will be informed by the respective conductors on the previous day. The parents are requested to collect information without fail and act accordingly. Those who opt for school transport and remit the charges, will be issued a transport chart before school reopening, furnishing the details of bus route number, pick-up and drop time at the particular point, both in the morning and in the evening.

It is the responsibility of the parents to help the students board the bus and receive them at the respective bus-stops at the fixed time. Parents are requested to be in the respective bus-stops at least ten minutes prior to the prescribed time for both departure and arrival. The students in the respective bus stops will stand in a proper queue order and board the bus. The younger children will always have the preference in the line and while seating, the older children will automatically give way with kindness and affection.

In the stopping point, if the respective caretaker/guardian is not available for the younger children, the student will not alight at that point and parent will have to come to the respective schools and pickup their ward. There will not be any compromise on this matter.

The management will strive hard to operate the transport according to the schedule. For any unavoidable delay in operation the parents have to bear with the inconvenience. Parents should not have any dealing or personal contact with the driver / conductor for whatever reason.